My artistic process is rooted in the exploration and interpretation of sensory memories. Within the studio, I delve into recollections encompassing the full spectrum of sensory experience - from hues and tactile sensations to the atmospheric mood and fleeting moments. These memories are then translated into visual narratives embodying the interplay between natural and urban environments.
The dynamic interplay and contrast between these seemingly disparate realms continue to captivate and motivate my artistic expression. My creative process bridges these contrasting worlds by depicting their unique characteristics and textures.
The painting technique I employ requires considerable patience. I layer oil paints carefully, building up a rich tapestry of color and texture, layers of thin and thick paint in transparent and opaque sections, only to scrape back through the layers of paint with a palette knife. I enjoy revealing glimpses of past moments, further deepening the layers of meaning within the artwork. Ultimately, my work reflects the complexity and nuance of life and the intricate and interrelated ways we perceive and interact with it.

*The memory palace technique changes memories into images placed in a familiar mental location. The idea is that you can mentally walk through your Palace looking at your memories to recall them.